Riveting travel escapades after a near-death experience

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Every penny in your bank account is money you shouldn’t have worked for –

Satish Raghuram, 39, English teacher, Bangalore

Interviewed by Joseph Colin

Listen to this travelogue by a 39-year-old English teacher from Bangalore who has been to 20 countries across the world and counting… However, travelling with a taste of local flavours wasn’t always a priority for Satish Raghuram. It took him an encounter with death to appreciate life so much so that he even sees beauty in a sleeping raven. Now, whenever he gets an opportunity he gets out of the bustling city to grab a sneak peak at a new culture and meet different people. We bring you Interviewing India’s first podcast on travel, life and a near-death experience.


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Meet the interviewer

Joseph Colin

Nobody can ever dislike Colin. His natural gift of getting along with everyone, makes him the most important member of Interviewing India. Colin’s career graph is as interesting as his persona. A team lead at an MNC eons ago, he changed career tracks to become a head librarian at an international school in Bangalore, and is now a full-time student of Masters in Social Work. Colin’s interviews are the chattiest and the most “chilled-out”. And why wouldn’t they be – he always begins an interview by cracking a joke, and yes, the jokes keep changing!

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