I am always asked about the purpose behind starting Interviewing India. Honestly, I don’t have one simple answer to that question. But let me try.

All of us want to share some aspects of our lives with someone. It’s not all that easy though. Sometimes there is simply nobody to talk to, or sometimes we are surrounded by a great circle of family and friends but we just can’t get ourselves to talk about something that is so personal and intimate. But once in a while we strike a conversation with a stranger, and we find ourselves loosening up. We weed out the insignificant aspects of our lives and in a matter of minutes start talking about who we really are and the defining moments in our lives – a tiff with a family member, having to face disappointed parents, regrets in life or maybe something as ordinary as our favorite food. I think we open up easily because we don’t feel judged. And this is exactly what happens in Interviewing India. Our interviewees can talk their hearts out without a care in the world, our interviewers listen because they simply love listening, and our readers find meaning and fulfillment in reading consequential or inconsequential matters of life that nobody cares to write about.

Interviewing India was born out of me looking for that stranger for years and not finding him/her. I decided to be that stranger and others joined me to make it what it is today.

We want to present people stories the way they are. Not every story needs to be inspiring or positive. It just needs to be…well…a reflection of who we are. 

– Poorva Dinesh