At Interviewing India, we take our love for your stories very seriously. Our services have been carefully designed to fully harness the power of human stories and share these with the world. Take a look at our various services, and write to us to know more.

Interviewing India services

The Online Magazine
Interviewing India publishes long-form interviews, compilation pieces, podcasts and video interviews of people from all walks of life on matters close to their hearts. With over 35 categories on our website, we publish personal narratives of all kinds of people. From a homeless man on the street to an actor. At Interviewing India, nobody’s story is less significant than the other.

The Interviewing India School Program
The Interviewing India School program was born out of a strong desire to reach out to adolescents and connect with them because often their need to open-up and share their experiences is much more than adults. This month-long program helps students understand themselves better, and equips them with life skills to face the world. The Interviewing India School Program has been carefully designed to help students articulate their thoughts and feelings without feeling intimidated.

Advertorial solutions
We combine our love for personal narratives with our experience of connecting with people to offer advertorial solutions based on personal narratives. At Interviewing India, we believe everybody has a story, as does every brand, and that both can be very powerful. Our advertorial solutions range from a feature interview on our website to creating personal narratives on social media to creating video content for your stories, and on people behind your brand. The Interviewing India has collaborated with the Open Film School to bring to you the best in visual storytelling.

Discussion events
We bring life to events by initiating dialogues on topics that matter and everyone wants to talk about. Interviewing India organises talk shows and other unique out-of-the-box events for institutions, festivals and companies. We sit down with you to understand your requirements, and come up with discussion topics and other event solutions that will help break the ice, and trigger real conversations.
We work closely with the HR, and Inclusivity and Diversity Departments of companies to understand the current need, and curate fluid discussions among employees that bring about awareness, increase engagement and boosts motivation and creativity levels.

To know more about our services, write to interviews@interviewingindia.org.