Poorva Dinesh

Founder and Believer in the priceless value of people stories

Poorva started her career as a German Translator and moved on to become a Project Manager and the Head of Production in a leading translation company. After freelancing for a few years, Poorva gave up her career in translation to become a full-time writer.

When Poorva first conceptualized Interviewing India, she had no money or contacts. And because she had just given birth to her baby girl apart from having an older son, she didn’t have too much spare time either. But she had something that was more precious than anything else – self belief and the conviction that every single human story mattered.

With this belief and conviction and the invaluable support of countless friends and acquaintances, Poorva has successfully elevated Interviewing India from being a personal project to something far bigger and impactful. Her honesty, sincerity and hardwork have helped people across the country trust her and the team of interviewers with their personal and intimate stories. Poorva now manages the everyday operations of Interviewing India, interviews people, and works on these interviews over and over again until each of these interviews reach their full potential.