Losing some friendships and getting new ones

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I realized the importance of friendship after I realized I had lost a lot of friendships because I moved from one city to another.

Madhura Karve, 31 years, Teacher, Bangalore

Interviewed by Poorva Dinesh

Why did you decide to give us an interview on friendship?
Because this is something very close to my heart. When I came here to Bangalore, I came to a completely new world, and a new lifestyle that belonged to my in-laws, and I had to make new friends, because I didn’t have friends of my own in Bangalore. So I realized the importance of friendship after I lost a lot of friendships, because I moved from one city to another.

Keep talking…
Being an over-friendly person that I am, it is almost impossible for me to imagine life without friends. Its taken me a very long time to make good friends in Bangalore, and I still feel that I really have a long way to go considering the kind of social life I had in Pune. However, because I have had 2-3 workplaces, and have a small social circle around me here in Bangalore, I feel that I have made friends and I think I am gonna have to work on every friendship. Friendship is like any other relationship. We need to work on it.

Do you have a best friend?
Of course I do.

Have you ever had a fight or an argument with a friend that went out of control or cost you your friendship?
That has happened with many friends…for example, this happens with friends who are as confrontational and aggressive as I am, because tempers rise and nobody is there to control them.

But when it comes to my best friend, she is somebody who is like a sponge. She absorbs everything. So we had a very big fight two weeks ago, and she stays in the U.S, so there is a lot of time difference, and there is always a lag in catching up. We took a break for 3 days. We didn’t send any WhatsApp messages, but then we knew we had to talk because we have been together since we were 4. That’s a friendship of almost 27 years, and such things just don’t go. I can’t give that a name. Friendship seems like an understatement sometimes for what I have with Manasi. So yeah, but over the years I have made equally good friends who I cannot do without.
And as life is, there are a few friends who are disposable.

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Have things got sorted out with Manasi?
Yes. Definitely, they always will. (laughs)

This last question has nothing to do with your interview topic. But we ask everyone we interview – what does love mean to you?
Uh..that’s a tough one. Because there are so many cheesy lines that define love. Although you agree with them, they seem very cheesy when you have to say them yourself.

So, say it! We haven’t had a cheesy interview yet (Poorva and Madhura laugh)
Love is…I think, wanting to grow old with somebody, and wanting to wake up to the same person, to the same smile, and same set of eyes which look down at you with the same amount of love that you have for that person..I think that’s love.

Was that one of your cheesy lines? Because it didn’t sound cheesy to me.
(Gushes) thank you! I tried to combine many cheesy lines to make it sound cool!


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