If you get a kick out of interviewing people of all kinds or are a traveler and like talking to people when on the go, Interviewing India is the place for you!

Joining our tribe is very easy. All you have to do is send us a test interview in any format – video, audio or in a transcribed format, and if we like it, you are in!
Before grabbing your camera and recorder, we recommend you read the following guidelines, which will help you take an interview Interviewing India-style.



  1. Start the interview by introducing the interviewee, or allowing the interviewee to introduce himself/herself.
  2. Ensure the introduction includes the name, occupation and the city/town/village of the interviewee. If it’s a written interview, do include the age of the interviewee as well.
  3. The interviewee has every right to be anonymous.
  4. The interview topic can just about be anything. Allow the interviewee to decide the topic.
  5. You may help the interviewee decide but try not deciding for the interviewee. Remember we want our interviewees to open up on matters closest to their hearts.
  6. You can check out our interview topics on the website.
  7. Ensure the interview is centered around the interviewee’s life and choice of topic. While it is natural for the interviewee to express opinions about general matters, the focus should not be on opinions, but an aspect of the interviewee’s life, stories, feelings and anything and everything that contributes to the interviewee’s personality.
  8. Remember to make your interviewee feel comfortable. And most importantly have fun during the interview. It will automatically make the interviewee feel at ease.
  9. You may send us the test interview in video, audio or a transcribed format. But make sure it is edited for its content. The editing needs to be sharp. Keep the flow of the story intact.
  10. You can send us the interviews to with the subject line “Test Interview/ Your Name/ Your Location.