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Wouldn’t it be a dream if a caterer visited you, spent some quality time knowing you, understanding your taste buds and your nutritional needs, and then gave you a plan that didn’t come with an expensive price tag? This may sound like a distant dream for many, but not for pets, or pet parents in Pune, because this is precisely what Pune K9 Kitchen does. Delivering wholesome, home-made food to furry pets, Pune K9 Kitchen is soon becoming the go-to-option for pet owners. Team Interviewing India chatted with Aneesh Bhat and Natasha Asnani, Founders of Pune K9-Kitchen, to know more about what makes this pet service so special.

Aneesh Bhat and Natasha Asnani, Founders of Pune K9 Kitchen, Pune

Interviewed by Poorva Dinesh

Aneesh, how did Pune K9 Kitchen come about?
I have been cooking for my dogs for the past four years, and my dogs are very fussy. I used to feed my dogs homemade food, I used to experiment a lot, and also read up about canine nutrition. But when I looked at the current home-made food market, I realized the other service providers were over charging their clients. Being a chef myself, I know the kind of effort that goes into making something, the costs of the ingredients used, and I felt if I could come up with an alternative at a significantly lower price that will benefit a lot of pet owners.

Natasha, what makes K9 Kitchen special?
We insist on meeting the dog before we even take the client on board. We spend some time with the dog, and look for some basic things like the weight and the fur quality of the dog. These observations give us a better idea of its health. Based on this we make necessary changes to the dog’s diet. We don’t sell a product. Ours is a very consultative approach. What we feed the dog will impact the dog’s health. We never try to fit the client’s budget by cutting down on the nutritional value the dogs need. We put the dog’s nutritional needs first. We identify what the dog needs, and to provide the required nutrition, we use a certain quantity and quality of ingredients. So far, there hasn’t been a dog that refused to eat our food, and the owners see that the dog loves our food.

Pune K9 Kitchen

What according to you makes dogs love your food?
Aneesh is a trained chef and understands the ingredients, the different cuts of meat and vegetables. Even the cut makes a big difference in the cooking time, and how the flavors are released. The rest is all instinctive. Food cooked with love always tastes good. We put our heart and soul into our cooking when it comes to feeding dogs.

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Does Pune K9 Kitchen also extend its catering services to cats?
As of now, we provide food only for dogs, but we will soon be starting cat food as well. The nutritional requirements of cats are very different from that of dogs, and so are the recipes.
I have seen chefs guard their recipes. Aneesh, do you also have recipes that you are reluctant to share?
No I don’t do that. My objective is that the dog should get optimum nutrition, so it doesn’t matter if I provide it or somebody else does. Even if someone uses my recipes to feed his/her dogs, or makes food based on my recipes and sells it, at the end of the day, it’s the dog that benefits from it because it is healthy food.

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Do you have a message for our readers?
I have a message for pet parents. If you really care about your pet, take the trouble to understand the basics of the physiology of the dog. You don’t need to do it in great detail, but you need to know how a dog’s body functions, and the nutrition it needs. Just because a lot of dog food is branded, expensive and comes in fancy packaging, it doesn’t mean it’s good for your dogs.

Phone: +91 8421308250
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/punek9kitchen/

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