Family first in travel diaries of a millennial

Family first in travel diaries of a millennial - Interviewing India

After living in multiple cities and countries, Sumera now calls Pune her home. But her heart still lies with her family and all the travels that they have done across the globe together. She can’t wait for her next family vacation. Find out more about Sumera’s adventures with her family.

Sumera Deane, 23, Digital Media Manager, Pune

Interviewed by Akshay Sachdev

What topic have you decided to talk about and why?
I’ve decided to talk about two topics that are very close to my heart, family and travel. A lot of my travelling has been with my family, and for my family. Growing up over the years, I’ve had the fortune of experiencing travel with my family and it’s safe to say that my family trips have been some of my favourite memories till date.

How was it travelling with your family while growing up?
The first time I ever took a flight was when I was four months old, when my family was returning to India from Singapore. While in India we made many short trips, but when we moved to Kenya when I was 9, that’s when we really started to travel all over. I remember our trip to Egypt quite vividly. This was much before the political unrest that swept the country, we actually got to see Egypt for what it was. It was really beautiful.

Family first in travel diaries of a millennial - Interviewing India

What makes travelling with family so special?
Travelling with my family is special because they’re all so enthusiastic, not just about the travel but also about life, about each other and wanting to create beautiful memories together. Friends are great, but at the end of the day family is just so much more important and significant to all of us. My dad, mum, sister and I, we really value our family. Having created so many beautiful memories by travelling is one of the most amazing parts of being a family.

How does a general Deane family holiday look like?
Well, dad is our tour guide. He’s quite knowledgeable. He loves to know everything about every country there is to know about. Whenever we go on a vacation, he does a week or two of research reading history books or articles on the internet. I remember when we went to Egypt he knew everything about the culture from centuries ago, as well as the best places to shop at. So we basically got to see and experience the best of both worlds thanks to him. Mum’s an early bird and is very enthusiastic about experiencing everything a new place has to offer. She’s our best alarm clock, and because of her we never miss out on things even when we’d much rather lay in the comfy hotel room beds. And then there’s my sister, Shiphrah, who is the life of every trip we take. I think her sense of humour and great taste in food truly make all our holidays unforgettable.

Would you say travelling over the years has brought your family closer together?
Definitely! Every time we go on a trip together we feel our love for each other grow even more and all we want to do is keep making beautiful memories together. Travelling with family is a great break from the routine of going to work or school. It gives us a chance to forget everything and just spend time and enjoy a new place together. It’s been a while now since we went on a family trip and we’re already feeling sad about that. I can’t wait for my next trip with them.

What is your fondest memory of travelling with your family?
That’s a tough one. (Thinking)
When we were in Kenya, we used to go for a lot of safaris . There’s just so much to see in that country, whether it’s the Masai Mara or Amboseli National Park. Kenya is a very cold country. While on the safaris we used to all huddle up in our jackets in the car and watch all the beautiful animals. My dad used to record all of this on his old handycam with a running narrative, “Here we are at the Masai Mara, looking at all these animals.” He’d go on even though we’d be protesting against it. All in all it was quite amusing.

Travel with family quotes - Interviewing India

Where would you like to travel next with your family?
I really want to go on a Europe trip with them. You know, go to France, Italy, Spain and many more countries. Before my dad married mum, he did a three month Europe trip. And from all of his stories it sounds like a dream and I can’t wait to go with the family.

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With social media and the need to constantly be online, is travelling with your family different now compared to how it used to be when you were a child?
I think I see those changes when I’m travelling with my friends. With family, we restrict our mobile phone usage to just taking pictures. I don’t think it really gets in the way. However, with my friends, I see that we want to constantly text, Instagram, Snapchat and share everything online and often end up missing out on some epic moments. I think with my family we still try to keep things real.

What message would you like to give a fellow millennial about travelling with family?
If you’re looking to bond with your family, then travelling with them is a great way to do so. Every now and then take a break from what you’re doing and leave everything behind to travel and connect with yourself and your family. As a millennial it’s very easy today to explore new countries on the internet but seeing things with your family in person, nothing beats that.

The last question is not related to the interview topic, but we ask everyone we interview – what does love mean to you?
Love means so many things. It depends on who you’re talking about. For me, love is happiness, comfort and safety and the joy you feel when you see someone, even if it’s an animal. I have immense love for my dog, and at this moment in time, I probably love her the most.


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Akshay Sachdev is a screenplay writer working towards selling his first screenplay in the Indian film industry. He has a penchant for storytelling and a curiosity to understand the human mind and it’s emotions. He has previously worked with Channel V and B4U as a promo writer, the Pune Mirror and Mid-Day as a features writer and a copywriter in the advertising industry.

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