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About the film

Maya and Veronique – The Drag Mother and Daughter of India is an honest, outspoken and uncensored documentary on two drag queens.  This drag mother-daughter duo spill the beans on their relationship, their drag lives and what it means to be drag queens.
 This documentary film explores a unique “mother-daughter relationship” within the drag world. Maya, the drag mother is more experienced and knows her craft. Like many mothers, she is stern with her daughter and composed under any given situation. On the other hand, Veronique the drag daughter is risqué and doesn’t shy away from shocking people.Like many mother-daughter pairs, these two are also poles apart, but it’s their friendship, their mutual love and respect for each other, and their chemistry that leaves the viewer asking for more.

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Why crowdfunding?

Interviewing India interviews people from all walks of life on matters close to their hearts. These interviews focus on personal accounts on contemporary life. Whether it is a traveller’s story on how starvation drove him to do the unthinkable or a young woman’s account on how she survived infidelity. These accounts of everyday people on everyday matters – big or small – might just provide answers to some of your questions about life. Since we fund all our projects on our own, financing is sometimes an issue. That’s why we’re reaching out to you guys for help. Support us if you believe in our cause and if you want to help us bring Maya and Veronique’s beautiful story to screen for the world to see!

What are the risks and challenges associated with this project?

Apart from the issue that we probably won’t have enough funds to fund the entire film independently, there are no other risks involved in the project. We have a very hardworking team behind the scenes and we’re very happy to connect with you in case you have any questions for us.

Why should you fund this project?

The stage, the performance, the make-up…Drag culture has it all. It’s high fashion meets huge personality. The story of Maya and Veronique is extremely unique and we want you to experience their lives with us. Money is the only thing that’s standing in our way right now. But with your support, we can cross that hurdle too.

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