Anthony looks for a place to sleep every night

I have been selling balloons for the last three years. I am homeless and sleep wherever I get a place. I am the happiest when I go to Velankani. They give me food, clothing and shelter there.

Anthony, 75 years, Balloon vendor, Bangalore

Interviewed by Dinesh V and Poorva Dinesh

Are you alone?
Yes. I don’t have a home to stay. I stay wherever I get a place.

What do you do for a living?
I do business. I sell balloons.

For how many years have you been selling balloons?
For the last three years.

For how long have you been in Bangalore?
I have been here for the last four years.

Do you have children?
Yes, I have two boys. They are in Tirupur. When I used to go there, they wouldn’t feed me so I fought with them and came here.

What do they do?
They work.

What about your wife?
She died three years ago.

How does it feel after her death?
I am just working and eating. I am homeless and I sleep anywhere. When it rains, I don’t have a place to stay. I feel very bad.

What has been your happiest moment in your life?
When do I have good days?

When do you feel happy?
When I go to Velankani.

When you go to meet God you feel happy…
Yes…next month I am going to Velankani. They give me food, clothing and shelter there.

Why do you come to Bangalore if you get everything there?
I will go there after 10-20 days. But first, I will buy a shirt and a dhoti for myself.

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What does love mean to you?

Don’t you love your children?
No…they beat me and sent me away.

*For our readers
Sometimes, an interviewee does not open up despite our best efforts. We do not believe in pressurizing or intimidating an interviewee. We listen to whatever the interviewee has to say – even if it’s not too much. There is a story there too.


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