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My aunty asked me, “Why are you in this friendship?” I told her, “This is not friendship. It is love.”

Anonymous, 20 years, Student, Bangalore

Interviewed by Poorva Dinesh

Why did you decide to give us an interview on dating?
She is my first love, and I met her when I was in the first year of my degree course. Her name is Ankita. We met at the bus stand. I’ll tell you how we met. I could not see her face. Her face was covered with a scarf. She removed her scarf, and looked at me and smiled. I was sitting right behind in the bus. She told me she was my school friend. She asked me if I had been to a school in Chennai. I told her yes. She said she remembered me, but I didn’t remember her.

How did the two of you start dating?
We used to smile at each other every day. We started talking every day. Then she joined my college. She was my junior. I was in the first year of degree course, and she was in class 12. We used to talk, go out and this went on for two years. This February I proposed to her. She accepted it. Her mother is not there. Only her father is there. She is a very homely girl. She loves family. I am also a homely boy, so our match is perfect. She talks about her family and career, and I like that she talks about her career plans. She helps me with my studies too. She is my junior, but she still helps me. We go to shopping malls and everything… Like this only my love story went on, without my family knowing about it. But one day my aunty got to know. She asked me, “Why are you in this friendship?” I told her, “This is not friendship. It is love.”

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I proposed to her on 14th February this year in front of everyone in college, and she accepted it. She called me to meet her family. I went and met her family. 

Were you scared when you proposed to her?
Yes I was very scared.

Anonymous male and Poorva had to stop the interview because the interviewee’s aunt (the same mentioned in the interview) was walking towards them and the interviewee did not want to be caught talking about his love interest.


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